Antiuniversity Now 2018

Remembering Paris ’68

Antiuniversity Now is a collaborative experiment to reimagine the 1968 Antiuniversity of London, in an ongoing programme of free and inclusive self-organised radical learning events.

Antiuniversity Now challenges academic and class hierarchy through an open invitation to teach and learn any subject, in any form, anywhere’.


Now in its fourth year you can, between June 9th and June 15th 2018, join in a wide range of radical, activist educational opportunities, for free.

We are glad to see the autodidact is not dead, and to discover proof that collective and supportive peer education is still abroad. (We know it’s not..Ed).

We offer some of our favourite sessions for your delight below, but do discover more on the AN web pages here…

DIY Radio: How to make radio shows and broadcast them for nothing

Courtesy of 199 Radio, this event…’will focus on learning how to use some of these tools to create our own radio programmes (Audacity, Mixx, Radio Studio and others), and how to broadcast them on the internet using Facebook. At the same time we’ll be talking about our experience of independent broadcasting, the future of radio and other subjects dear to our hearts’.

More detail and registration here.

Peer to Peer Web Workshop:  A practical workshop for anyone interested in the p2p distributed web! The agorama server co-operative offer a one day practical workshop that provide the tools and instructions for creating your own self-hosted website and contributing to a decentralized p2p internet. The instructors will briefly explain internet protocol and current infrastructure before assisting each participant in setting up their own web site using their computer as a server.

More detail and registration here.

How to form a Tourist Board:   I​an​ B​one​ ​of Class War ​shows how setting up a tourist board can be fun and radical + the launch of the TOP 50 SOUTH NORWOOD ATTRACTIONS ​’S​ee how the Sensible ​G​arden has become an autonomous​ ​zone with no rules, ​hear ​how Croydon ​Council sent in riot cops to stop a lake naming ceremony, ​learn ​how advertising giant ​O​utdoor​ P​lus was ​made to clean up t​h​eir own mes​s​, find out how ​South ​N​orw​o​od took on the lake district tourism​ board and forced them to acknowledge ​it ​h​ad more lakes​ and ​meet​ Pickles​,​ the dog ​who FOUND THE WORLD CUP​!’

More detail and registration here.

n.paradoxa’s MOOC (mass open online course) on feminism and contemporary art:

Experience a MOOC –  Gain a greater understanding of what you can find online about this topic There are many art and art history degrees where nothing is being taught about feminism in relation to contemporary art and this free online course is designed to help those curious to know more. During the full week of the Anti-university in June, live discussion forums with Katy Deepwell, editor of the course, will be held as part of the course.

More detail and registration here.

There is still time to jump into the programme. Some courses and workshops can be challenging, but all are horizon expanding, we would argue.

What about an Antiuniversity Now sequence of collaborative learning sessions in the East of England, for next year?

You can message me here… editor (at)

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