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British Politics:

Politics | The Guardian

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Young black Britons seeking to join fast stream had success rate of one in 137 compared with one in 44 for white counterparts

White applicants to the government’s elite graduate scheme are three times more likely to win a place than their black counterparts, new analysis shows.

A record number of graduates applied to join the UK government’s civil service fast stream between 2019 and 2021, with more than 160,800 external applicants for just 3,290 places, a success rate of just under one in 50.

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Author: Aamna Mohdin and Tobi Thomas
Posted: 23-01-2022

Brown quipped that there are two sorts of chancellor: the ones who failed and the ones who got out in time

Rishi Sunak is the Covid chancellor. Few outside Westminster had heard of him when he replaced Sajid Javid in the role in early 2020, but since then he has spent two years in charge of the government’s economic response to the pandemic. Now, as restrictions are lifted, he is the bookies’ favourite to replace Boris Johnson if the prime minister is forced to quit over partygate. It is a meteoric rise.

Since the second world war, only three former Conservative chancellors have made it to 10 Downing Street, and one of them, Winston Churchill, had left the Treasury more than a decade before the exceptional circumstances of 1940 won him the premiership.

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Author: Larry Elliott
Posted: 23-01-2022

Deputy PM says it is for Boris Johnson to decide how much detail is released to the public

Dominic Raab has refused to confirm that the Sue Gray report on alleged Downing Street parties will be published in full next week, saying the amount of detail released publicly will be a matter for Boris Johnson.

In what appeared to be a scaling back of the government’s commitment to openness on the report, Raab, the justice secretary and deputy prime minister, promised there would be “full transparency”, but declined to give any specifics.

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Author: Peter Walker Political correspondent
Posted: 23-01-2022

No cause for concern about partygate and Operation Red Meat. Why? Because a very senior civil servant is on the case…

I’m back on the road until August with my five-star standup show, Snowflake Tornado, mouthing confirmation-bias to packed rooms of masked elitists. Over six nights at the Oxford Playhouse, I saw the familiar and friendly staff and crowds return, though the historic Eagle and Child pub sadly appears to have closed. It was here in 1933, apparently, that JRR Tolkien thought up the terrifying fissure the Crack of Doom after hearing a becubicled CS Lewis battle the afterburn of an especially potent Old Peculiar. But I am waiting for an inquiry by the very experienced civil servant Sue Gray to decide if this story is true. Dominic Cummings claims to have recorded evidence of the incident, but sceptics suggest it may just be a tape of him squelching his hand under his own armpit. That’s why you have Sue Gray looking at all the details. Let Sue Gray do her job.

Sadly, the two-year pandemic hiatus has rendered my 20-minute routine on what I imagined the new woke Bond film would be like irrelevant, but a section summarising Boris Johnson’s dismal career of flaccid dishonesty now makes a satisfying conclusion to the show for the performatively disgusted crowd, hopefully until the tour ends in August. Thus I am probably the only champagne socialist who wants the party-blind PM to stay. But the prudent thing is to wait for Sue Gray to report. Sue Gray is a very senior civil servant. Sue Gray is very well able to conduct this investigation.

Rescheduled national 2022 dates of Stewart’s 2020 tour, Snowflake Tornado, are on sale now; the autumn 2022 London dates of his new tour, Basic Lee, are also on sale; Stewart Lee winter hats are available here

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Author: Stewart Lee
Posted: 23-01-2022

Deputy PM says former minister’s claim she was told she lost job because of her faith will not be investigated without the complaint

A Conservative MP who says she was told by a government whip that she had lost her ministerial role because her Muslim faith was “making colleagues uncomfortable” should make a formal complaint about the incident, Dominic Raab has said.

Calling the allegations by Nusrat Ghani “incredibly serious”, Raab, the justice secretary and deputy prime minister, declined to say whether he believed his former government colleague, saying he was “not going to get into impugning anyone’s integrity”.

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Author: Peter Walker Political correspondent
Posted: 23-01-2022


Labour Party News

Trevor Phillips on Sunday Emily Thornberry, Labour’s Shadow Attorney General, has argued that the UK and wider West…
Author: Elliot Chappell
Posted: 23-01-2022
According to the biblical parable of the Prodigal Son, there is more rejoicing in heaven for one sinner…
Author: Peter Apps
Posted: 21-01-2022
Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable forms of the disease, with the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination…
Author: Mike Kane
Posted: 21-01-2022
Anas Sarwar has said that he is not “principally against” Conservative politicians defecting to join the Labour Party…
Author: Elliot Chappell
Posted: 21-01-2022
Rachel Reeves’ first big economy speech of the year was an opportunity to lay out the themes the…
Author: James Meadway
Posted: 21-01-2022

Europe – The Federal Trust

Enlightening the debate on good governance

This book is one of the most important ever written on Britain’s tortuous relationship with Europe in the last 50 years. It has been dismissed as a book written by a haut fonctionnaire, what in English would be called a Whitehall Mandarin. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reason Barnier comprehensively out-negotiated his [...]

The post Barnier’s Secret Brexit Diary – A British perspective appeared first on The Federal Trust.

Author: Denis MacShane
Posted: 17-12-2021

What is it about England’s right-wing journalism and France? The obsessive hate against France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, in papers like the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, and Spectator is without precedent. As news arrived of the death of 27 refugees drowned in the Straits of Dover, the Daily Mail summed up the style and language of the Francophobe press. It blasted the “Tantrum [...]

The post The Macron Obsession – a Very English Virus appeared first on The Federal Trust.

Author: Denis MacShane
Posted: 01-12-2021

The extraordinarily tight outcome of the German elections has created the danger for the European Union of prolonged negotiations before the next federal government can be formed, lasting even as long as until Christmas. However, it also contains a most significant opportunity. This is not merely due to the defection of voters from the anti-European [...]

The post The German elections and the future of the euro appeared first on The Federal Trust.

Author: John Stevens
Posted: 28-09-2021

This essay was commissioned by Léo Keller on behalf of the Blogazoi blog, as part of a collection to be published following the German election.   It is over 21 years since Angela Merkel took over from Wolfgang Schäuble as leader of the CDU, Germany’s most consistently successful political party. Schäuble, the heir apparent to the long-serving [...]

The post Angela Merkel, Britain and Europe: a view from offshore appeared first on The Federal Trust.

Author: Professor Iain Begg
Posted: 01-09-2021

From Unidentified Political Object to European Democracy Thirty years after the foundation of the European Union by virtue of the 1992 Maastricht Treaty the nature of the Union has been established at last. At the time of its creation as successor of the European Communities the EU used to be described by the then President [...]

The post The Identity of the EU appeared first on The Federal Trust.

Author: Jaap Hoeksma
Posted: 24-06-2021

EURACTIV is your one-stop-shop for in-depth news about policies and politics from EU institutions and national capitals.

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Global Europe Brief, your weekly update on the EU from a global perspective. You can subscribe to receive our newsletter here. In this week’s edition: Western diplomacy over Ukraine, Belarus’ food embargo weapon and EU foreign intelligence ideas....
Author: Alexandra Brzozowski
Posted: 23-01-2022
The European Parliament has adopted recommendations for tougher and more effective animal protection rules during live transports. Some, however, bemoan lacking ambition and call for a hard limit on the duration of journeys.
Author: Julia Dahm
Posted: 21-01-2022
Several EU interior ministers came together on Friday (21 January) to discuss how to step up the protection of EU external borders but failed to agree on a common approach, with options ranging from building fences on the borders to strengthening Schengen and migration legislation. 
Author: Giedre Peseckyte
Posted: 21-01-2022
Citizens’ recommendations are “at the heart of the process” of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE), Dubravka Šuica said in an interview with EURACTIV. If the recommendations include changes to treaties, the Commission will support them, in line...
Author: Eleonora Vasques
Posted: 21-01-2022
How to make trade the fairest of them all? That was the big theme of the French EU presidency, under which agricultural minister Julien Denormandie made his debut as chair of the agriculture and fisheries (AGRIFISH) Council this week. The...
Author: Gerardo Fortuna, Natasha Foote
Posted: 21-01-2022

EUROPA - EU Newsroom - Latest press releases and statements

Press releases

European Commission Press release Brussels, 21 Jan 2022 The pre-financing payment will help to kick-start the implementation of the crucial investment and reform measures outlined in Finland's recovery and resilience plan.

Author: European Commission
Posted: 20-01-2022

European Commission Speech Brussels, 20 Jan 2022 Dear Hedwige Nuyens,Ladies and gentlemen,Dear friends,
Why diversity? Why women on board?
Because all research and economic studies show that companies that emb...

Author: European Commission
Posted: 19-01-2022

European Commission Press release Brussels, 20 Jan 2022 Today, the European Commission proposes to support 450 workers who lost their jobs in the car industry in the Spanish region of Catalonia with €2.8 million from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund for Displaced Workers (EGF).

Author: European Commission
Posted: 19-01-2022

European Commission Discours Brussels, 19 Jan 2022 Madame la Présidente, Monsieur le Président de la République, Mesdames et Messieurs les députés,
C'est un plaisir d'ouvrir cet important débat sous le nouveau l...

Author: European Commission
Posted: 19-01-2022

European Commission Speech Brussels, 18 Jan 2022 Merci Bruno.
Ladies and gentlemen: we have just concluded the first ECOFIN under the French Presidency.
I would like to wish Bruno and your team every success i...

Author: European Commission
Posted: 18-01-2022

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