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Perhaps now Eton agrees that GCSEs are past it, you might talk to experts about a new way forward

I would guess that like the rest of us when we emerge from a nightmare experience, you’ve been hiding under your pillow. Sorry to remind you, I’m thinking of the algorithm catastrophe. But here we are again: the new school year is under way and, as predicted, many schools are unable to provide full education for all pupils all the time because of the pandemic. Schooling is being disrupted.

You and the Department for Education must know that the next round of exams could easily descend into chaos again unless you put a plan in place now. Well, more than that, actually: a plan that involves researchers, teachers and parents as well as the crew of “advisers” you usually turn to behind closed doors.

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Author: Michael Rosen
Posted: 29-09-2020

Britain is paying the price for a foolish ideology that sees government as an obstacle – our lives depend on doing better

The botched response to the coronavirus pandemic is a collective failure of Britain’s governing class. From complacency in the early days and confusing public health messages throughout the crisis to its shambolic testing system, the government has struggled to get a grip. It has revealed the fundamental weakness of the state after a decade of Tory misrule.

Seasoned Whitehall watchers often remark: “It wouldn’t have been like this if Jeremy Heywood were still around.” The late former cabinet secretary was a truly formidable mandarin – with a first-class mind and an unfathomable capacity for hard work. But the lament of his passing also reveals the lack of resilience of the British state. How could it be that the effectiveness of the once-revered civil service had become reliant on a single man?

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Author: Tom Kibasi
Posted: 29-09-2020

Commons Speaker not expected to allow vote on amendment that would give MPs say on future laws

A Tory rebellion over coronavirus laws is set to be thwarted this week despite mounting anger over fines and rules brought in with minimal notice and a lack of parliamentary scrutiny.

New measures for England came into force on Monday including a ban on mass singing in pubs, £1,000 fines for falsely reporting that someone must quarantine, and a £4,000 first-time fine for those deemed “reckless” for coming into contact with large numbers of people when they should be self-isolating, for example by going to an office. They were published on Sunday evening, hours before coming into force.

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Author: Peter Walker, Simon Murphy, Ben Quinn and Owen Bowcott
Posted: 28-09-2020

Prosecutors say MP for Leicester East is accused of harassing a woman

The Labour MP Claudia Webbe has been suspended from the Labour party after being charged with harassment of a woman over a period of nearly two years.

The MP for Leicester East insisted she was innocent after the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said she was accused of carrying out the offence between September 2018 and April 26 this year.

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Author: Peter Walker and Rajeev Syal
Posted: 28-09-2020


Labour Party News

Kate Green has called on the Education Secretary to “end his ‘Invisible Man’ act” and “get to grips…
Author: Andrew Kersley
Posted: 28-09-2020
Labour’s Jonathan Ashworth has called on the government to carry out a “rapid review” into the effectiveness of…
Author: Andrew Kersley
Posted: 28-09-2020
UNISON’s Christina McAnea has received almost twice the branch nominations of the next closest candidate in the race…
Author: Andrew Kersley
Posted: 28-09-2020
The Welsh government’s counsel general and Brexit minister has described as “laughable” any assurances from UK government ministers…
Author: Elliot Chappell
Posted: 28-09-2020
The Crown Prosecution Service has revealed this afternoon that Leicester East Labour MP Claudia Webbe, elected to parliament…
Author: Sienna Rodgers
Posted: 28-09-2020

The USA – a viewpoint from Reuters

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Europe – The Federal Trust

Enlightening the debate on good governance

Photo credit: European Investment Bank Authors: Sir Brian Unwin, former President of the European Investment Bank (1993 – 2000)     Professor Iain Begg, Academic co-Director of the Dahrendorf Forum at the London School of Economics and Political Science and Professor at the LSE’s European Institute     With the prospect of ‘no-deal’ [...]

The post The European Investment Bank: we will miss it when it is gone appeared first on The Federal Trust.

Author: Federal Trust
Posted: 25-09-2020

Mr Johnson’s decision last week to bring in a bill which will contravene a critical portion of the Withdrawal Agreement has at least had the merit of clarifying the real nature of Brexit and thus of the proper path by which it must be opposed. Former Prime Ministers John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and [...]

The post Brexit: The choices become clearer appeared first on The Federal Trust.

Author: John Stevens
Posted: 15-09-2020

One of the more optimistic interpretations placed by some commentators on Boris Johnson’s crushing victory in the General Election last year was that his new large majority would make it easier for him to negotiate rapidly and effectively with the European Union in 2020. His large majority, it was hoped, would allow him to ignore [...]

The post Brexit: Little lies have long legs appeared first on The Federal Trust.

Author: Brendan Donnelly
Posted: 09-09-2020

When the United Kingdom (UK) finally left the European Union (EU) earlier this year, it did so on the basis of a Withdrawal Agreement, attached to which was a Political Declaration. This latter text included within it a shared goal of establishing a Free Trade Agreement (FTA). The two parties hoped an FTA could provide [...]

The post Level Playing Field, Lopsided Logic? appeared first on The Federal Trust.

Author: Dr Andrew Blick
Posted: 02-09-2020

The Abbot(t)’s tale The Prime Minister, demonstrating an extraordinary vote of no confidence in Britain’s reserves of domestic talent, and perhaps an even more extraordinary insouciance towards the extremely technical nature of contemporary international commercial accords, reportedly intends to appoint the former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to lead Britain’s post Brexit trade negotiations. Mr [...]

The post The Abbott’s tale appeared first on The Federal Trust.

Author: John Stevens
Posted: 27-08-2020

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