Economic apocalypse? …a versioning

Embed from Getty Images  Afloat in the economic ocean?   Are we heading for a new depression, economic collapse or is the ‘great recovery’ under way? Thomas Carlyle is credited, in reference to the work of Malthus, as characterising economics as a ‘dismal science’. The truth appears to be more prosaic. Carlyle was, in fact, … Read moreEconomic apocalypse? …a versioning

The Economic Case
for Strong Trade Unions

Embed from Getty Images Hammering the foundations of prosperity… The New Economics Foundation (nef) and The University of Greenwich have recently published a new economic case for trade unions. Entitled Working for The Economy, it is a detailed and numerate assessment in the decline of trade unions over the twentieth century and the policy impacts … Read moreThe Economic Case
for Strong Trade Unions

Seeing the light of day?

Embed from Getty Images   Collective Conversations is a new journal of the left, featuring socio-political analysis, thought, reflections and news from the interface between policy and people, commmerce and community. Subscribe by email or our rss newsfeed for regular, free updates and talking points… Leaning to the Left, thinking independently and arguing for humanity… … Read moreSeeing the light of day?