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Latest updates: prime minister faces the committee for the second time

Nadia Whittome, the leftwing Labour MP, has said this morning that she hopes the party’s national executive committee throws out the motion that would ban Jeremy Corbyn from being a candidate for the party.

Labour has now sent out the full text of Ed Miliband’s speech to the Green Alliance this morning. We have already covered the main points (here and at 10.55am), but it was a substantial, serious speech, and here are some futher things he said.

Miliband confirmed that Labour would issue no more licence for oil and gas fields in the North Sea. This is from my colleague Fiona Harvey.

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Author: Emily Dugan (now) and Andrew Sparrow (earlier)
Posted: 28-03-2023

Providing a safety net from ‘cradle to grave’ is already too late. Time to revive an old Labour policy that can make things fairer

By the time children start school in the UK, those from low-income backgrounds are already an average of four months behind their peers in terms of educational development. The gap only widens from there. By the end of primary school, it’s nine months. By the time they take their GCSEs, 18 months. Inequality grows exponentially throughout childhood, gaining momentum with every year a child gets older.

That’s why it has been so refreshing to see childcare and the early years firmly back on the political agenda since the spring budget. But interventions in the early years of a child’s life may already be too late. We know that inequality starts much earlier than nursery: it starts in the womb.

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Author: Mary Reader
Posted: 28-03-2023

Governor tells MPs market turmoil has ‘tested’ banking sector for signs of weaknesses but denies fresh crisis is looming

The Bank of England’s governor has said it is on high alert and will remain “vigilant” to further turmoil after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, noting it was the fastest demise of a lender since Barings Bank in the mid-1990s.

Andrew Bailey told MPs on the Treasury select committee it had been decades since a lender had gone from “health to death” within a matter of days, saying that Barings – which was brought down by the rogue trader Nick Leeson – was the only worthwhile comparison to what happened to the US tech lender.

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Author: Kalyeena Makortoff Banking correspondent
Posted: 28-03-2023

Yousaf becomes Scotland’s youngest first minister and first from minority ethnic background

The SNP leader, Humza Yousaf, has been voted in by MSPs as Scotland’s youngest first minister and the first from a minority ethnic background.

The 37-year-old succeeds Nicola Sturgeon, who formally tendered her resignation to the king on Tuesday morning after announcing her intention to stand down last month after more than eight years in the post.

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Author: PA Media
Posted: 28-03-2023

Treasury confirms new funding will be made available, but Department of Health must also make savings

Jeremy Hunt has conceded the Treasury will have to find extra money to fund the pay offer to NHS staff, though the Department of Health and Social Care will also be forced to make savings.

Health unions are now consulting their members on the offer, which includes a one-off bonus of up to 8.2% for this year and a pay rise of 5% from April, plus more for the lowest-paid.

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Author: Heather Stewart
Posted: 28-03-2023


Labour Party News

Below is the full text of the speech delivered by Shadow Climate Change and Net Zero Secretary Ed…
Author: Ed Miliband
Posted: 28-03-2023
A motion proposed by Keir Starmer to block Jeremy Corbyn standing as a Labour candidate at the next…
Author: Morgan Jones
Posted: 28-03-2023
With the dust settling on Labour’s national policy forum (NPF) consultation, it’s clear that electoral reform is one…
Author: Reed James
Posted: 28-03-2023
More than 40% of submissions to Labour’s national policy forum consultation have called on the party to back…
Author: Katie Neame
Posted: 28-03-2023
Labour’s ruling national executive committee (NEC) will today consider a motion put forward by Keir Starmer that would see members…
Author: Katie Neame
Posted: 28-03-2023

Europe Archives - The Federal Trust

Enlightening the debate on good governance

What has happened to my country? I have been a student, activist, MP, minister and writer in its political life for five decades. Never has it been so broken, divided, confused, uncertain about its future. The Queen’s death marked the last moment when the United Kingdom was briefly itself. Britain now feels like Weimar Germany [...]

The post Brexit Has Turned Britain into Weimar 4th Republic appeared first on The Federal Trust.

Author: Denis MacShane
Posted: 17-10-2022

This book is one of the most important ever written on Britain’s tortuous relationship with Europe in the last 50 years. It has been dismissed as a book written by a haut fonctionnaire, what in English would be called a Whitehall Mandarin. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reason Barnier comprehensively out-negotiated his [...]

The post Barnier’s Secret Brexit Diary – A British perspective appeared first on The Federal Trust.

Author: Denis MacShane
Posted: 17-12-2021

What is it about England’s right-wing journalism and France? The obsessive hate against France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, in papers like the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, and Spectator is without precedent. As news arrived of the death of 27 refugees drowned in the Straits of Dover, the Daily Mail summed up the style and language of the Francophobe press. It blasted the “Tantrum [...]

The post The Macron Obsession – a Very English Virus appeared first on The Federal Trust.

Author: Denis MacShane
Posted: 01-12-2021

The extraordinarily tight outcome of the German elections has created the danger for the European Union of prolonged negotiations before the next federal government can be formed, lasting even as long as until Christmas. However, it also contains a most significant opportunity. This is not merely due to the defection of voters from the anti-European [...]

The post The German elections and the future of the euro appeared first on The Federal Trust.

Author: John Stevens
Posted: 28-09-2021

This essay was commissioned by Léo Keller on behalf of the Blogazoi blog, as part of a collection to be published following the German election.   It is over 21 years since Angela Merkel took over from Wolfgang Schäuble as leader of the CDU, Germany’s most consistently successful political party. Schäuble, the heir apparent to the long-serving [...]

The post Angela Merkel, Britain and Europe: a view from offshore appeared first on The Federal Trust.

Author: Professor Iain Begg
Posted: 01-09-2021

EURACTIV is your one-stop-shop for in-depth news about policies and politics from EU institutions and national capitals.

The CO2 standards for cars and vans regulation was approved today by the Council of the EU, bringing to an end the odyssey of one of the Green Deal’s most controversial transport laws.
Author: Sean Goulding Carroll
Posted: 28-03-2023
Members of the European Parliament of the civil liberties committee adopted their position on key migration files on Tuesday (28 March), inaugurating the beginning of inter-institutional negotiations between the European Parliament and EU ministers.
Author: Eleonora Vasques
Posted: 28-03-2023
The German competition authority Bundeskartellamt took the initiative on Tuesday (March 28) to examine whether Microsoft is of paramount significance for competition across markets.
Author: Alina Clasen
Posted: 28-03-2023
European transport is in a period of transition, as policymakers look for means to rapidly decarbonise the notoriously carbon-intensive sector. Second-generation biofuels have emerged as a popular and cost-effective option to displace fossil fuels in the road transport and maritime...
Author: Teresa Dominguez-Piedade
Posted: 28-03-2023
From Paris and London to Tunis and Cape Town, it’s all kicking off. People are taking to the streets for a wave of strikes and public protests. 
Author: Benjamin Fox
Posted: 28-03-2023

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