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CollCon page icon - imageCollective Conversations is a new journal of the left, featuring socio-political analysis, thought, reflections and news from the interface between policy and people, commmerce and community.

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Leaning to the Left, thinking independently and arguing for humanity
this web journal is designed to engage with our community of interest and to show the data and depth of research behind major social and economic issues.

Depth and topography that is often missed in the sound-bite or in the declining rallentando of Twitter discourse and detail.

Call for submissions:

We will research and write articles at your suggestion, or you can visit our contact the editor page with your own submissions or suggestions. Let’s have a conversation? (We do not accept anonymous contributions – also please note that all comments are moderated before publication).

If your heart is in the right place and you have good taste, not only will you pass muster in politics, you are destined for it. If you are modest and do not lust after power, not only are you suited to politics, you absolutely belong there.

Václav Havel – 5 October 1936 – 18 December 2011. Wikipedia tells you more

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