Twittering to election victory!


CollCon page icon  - imageWe have a bye-election pending in our constituency for the election of a new County Councillor. Of course we all want our party candidate to win a stunning victory, reflecting new leadership, new members and a revitalised political agenda.

Fighting elections is nothing new, but we offer here the first of a series of occasional technical ‘get elected’ reports.

twitterHandbook for politiciansCoverPic-m
See more here – 18.5mb PDF

This first item is a very generous document from the Twitter Government and Elections team. This is The Twitter Government and Elections Handbook (pdf- 137pp).

It is written exclusively for an American audience of course, but the techniques, suggestions and flexibility prompted by formal research from the Twitter team hold good for any electoral candidate in a western, democratic and technically enabled community.

The report has sections on Twitter basics, list building, tweet rules, use of images, calls to action and importantly for political candidates, claims to authenticity.

There are similar interesting and detailed sections on integrating a Twitter campaign into events, as well as useful list of Twitter resources at the end of the report for both the Twitter novice and seasoned new media professional.

The core content is derived from the rich Twitter experience of Barack Obama’s November 2012 campaign. But whether you have aspirations to be President of the USA, or more local and equally important aspirations to represent us in a democratic civic society, this could be the engaging read of the festive holidays in 2015/2016.

‘The best way to earn a voter’s support is no different today than it was a
century ago: a simple handshake and a look in the eye. But it is hard to scale such retail politicking to the entire voting public’. Twitter Report 2014

Use Twitter to extend your reach.

See you at the polls. When you do vote, vote wisely.

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